From waste to your wardrobe

Our clothing manufacturing process uses 100% recycled materials and generates 50% fewer CO2 emissions, requires 99% less water, and uses 50% less energy than making the same productsfrom virgin materials with traditional garment manufacturing processes. In addition, we don't use any harmful chemicals and produce zero waste.

  • 1. Collecting

    Cutting waste is collected at factories and sorted per color and quality.

  • 2. Recycling

    Sorted waste is opened into fibers that will determine the end product's color.

  • 3. Blending

    Recycled cotton fibers are mixed with recycled polyester fibers.

  • 4. Spinning

    The 100% recycled blend of these two fibers is spun into beautiful yarn skeins.

  • 5. Knitting or weaving

    The yarns are knitted or woven into fabric depending on what its used for.

  • 6. Finishing

    Finishing of the fabric can include stages such as compacting or brushing.

  • 7. CMT

    The final product is cut, made, and trimmed to the highest quality standards.

  • 8. Final product

    The end result is a garment made with minimal environmental impact.

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