What size product should I order?

You can find the right size by referring to our size charts. Measure your chest, waist, and hip circumference, and compare them to the measurements on the size chart.

Are you going to release more products in addition to the t-shirts?

Yes. Our approach disregards seasonal collections, trends, and fads. Instead, we focus on building a permanent collection of clothes that will form the foundation of a sustainable wardrobe. The goal is that all the products we release stand the test of time in terms of durability and style. To ensure that all the building blocks we create fulfill their purpose for years to come, perfecting each essential one by one takes time. If you want to be among the first to know about our new products, subscribe to our email list and follow us on social media.Β 

Are you going to offer more color options for your products?

Yes. In addition to black and white, in the future, you can expect our permanent collection to feature more color options that are timeless and remain in style season after season and year after year.

Do you accept used clothes from consumers for recycling?

Although we are only at the beginning of our circular fashion journey, we want to bear responsibility for the whole life cycle of a garment. That's why you can always ship your used New Standard products to us so that we can recycle them with the best available methods. As of now, these clothes textiles are used for research and development projects.


Do you offer free delivery?

We offer free delivery inside EU for orders over 150 €. By subscribing to our email list and following us on social media, you'll be among the first to know upcoming free shipping campaigns and promotions for other geographies.

How do I return a product I have ordered?

For us, it is crucial that you are happy with the products you have ordered. After receiving your order, you have 14 days to try out the products and return them. Please note that you may only return unused goods in a saleable condition. However, the products must still have tags on them. For example, we can't accept products that are used, stained, or have cat or dog hair on them as returns. You are responsible for covering the costs of the return.

1. Navigate to "Returns" in the footer of the site or click here.

2. Make sure you the email address attached to your customer account the order number at hand.

2. Our partner Rever will run you through the whole return process.

Please note that the package is your responsibility until it has reached us. Therefore, we will refund the order when we've received the package.

How can I exchange a product I have ordered?

The fastest way to exchange a product is by making a return. Please return the product in question as a normal return and order a new product in our online shop.

Materials & Manufacturing

Why do you use recycled cotton?

We've decided to focus on recycled cotton because cotton is the most used natural fiber but still relatively under-recycled. The global textile industry consumes approximately 27.3 billion kilograms of cotton annually. Every year, approximately 15% of this remains unused, mainly in the form of cuttings. We want to give new life to this material that would otherwise go to waste.

Where does the recycled cotton come from?

The cotton that we recycle comes from cutting waste of local factories in India where we also refine it to clothes. Repurposing the raw material at the proximity of its source makes our clothing manufacturing process low on carbon footprint.

Is the cotton you use organic?

The excess material we use is from the textile and garment industries, mostly cutting waste from garment factories. Cutting waste is collected from factories that don't separate organic cotton waste from other cotton waste. We can guarantee that the cutting waste we use is 100% cotton but not that it's 100% organic. It may be 100% organic, 100% virgin, or blend the two. Our focus is that all cotton that would otherwise go to waste is used – whether organic or virgin.

Why do your products contain recycled polyester?

The fibers in recycled cotton are not always long enough, so we add recycled polyester to strengthen the yarn, making the fabric hiqh-quality and our clothes durable. We believe that a quality piece of clothing is the most sustainable option. In the future, we aim to pursue opportunities that would allow us to reduce the use of recycled polyester.

Why do you manufacture your products in India?

We produce our clothes at the source of their raw material: the textile industry cutting waste. In addition to being one of the largest manufacturers of textiles in the world, India has the necessary machinery, infrastructure, and know-how to produce mechanically recycled textiles from this waste stream. Transporting the raw material far away from its origin wouldn't be environmentally sound.

How do you ensure manufacturing is responsible?

The manufacturing process of our clothes conforms to local laws and international regulations, such as the UN Declaration on Human Rights. The Sedex and BSCI certificates of the factory we use set the minimum level for responsibility; however, our manufacturing partner exceed these requirements in many areas. You can learn more about the certificates here.

How do you ensure that chemicals have not been used in the products?

We do not dye or add chemicals to our products, but instead, the fabric of our clothes get their clothes from the recycled cotton we use.

Do your products release microplastics?

All clothes that contain polyester release microplastics – so do ours. However, correct wear, garment care, and recycling can prevent microplastics from polluting the environment. We recommend using laundry bags that collect microplastics when washing any clothes that contain polyester. You can learn more about proper garment care here. We are constantly work to find an alternative for recycled polyester.

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