Environmental impact

Our clothing manufacturing process requires 99% less water, generates 50% fewer CO2 emissions, and uses 50% less energy compared to making the same clothes from virgin materials.


Our design philosophy is rooted in less being more. We aspire to create the foundation of a wardrobe that stands the test of time in terms of both durability and style so that our clothes will last in use as long as possible. To ensure that all the building blocks we create fulfill their purpose for years to come, we've disregarded seasonal collections and on-trend designs. Instead, we focus on perfecting a permanent selection of elevated yet understated sustainable clothes.


We make our clothes from 100% recycled materials. Our primary raw material is recycled cotton from cutting waste and disregarded clothes. As sustainability and quality go hand in hand, we combine it with recycled polyester from disposable bottles. This makes the yarn stronger, allowing us to produce durable fabrics and clothes that last. We also ship your orders using recycled cardboard and paper.


As far as we are concerned, waste isn't waste until it's wasted. That's why our garment manufacturing process is based on collecting and recycling, cutting waste from the textile industry, and repurposing the raw material in proximity to the source. This makes the supply chain of our clothes low on carbon footprint, water usage, and energy consumption. We don't use dyeing or harmful chemicals, use renewable energy, and the clothes make their way to our warehouse through marine transport.


Information is power. That's why we've made a conscious effort to disclose as much as possible about products so that you can make informed – better – decisions. We realize the word 'transparency' in fashion can raise the guards. Frankly, we are also tired of greenwashing by brands who don't live up to their own standards. However, we have nothing to hide and believe that you have a right to know how your clothes were made, what makes up their price, and their impact on the environment.

Certifications & audits

There's nothing radical about transparency without accountability. But combining transparency with accountability is a powerful way to accelerate change – that's why we use third-party certifications and audits to verify our practices. GRS, SEDEX, BSCI help us to validate our approach to recycled materials, improving working conditions and human rights. We acknowledge that we are only getting started and far from perfect, but we are willing to learn and improve together with our partners.

Garment care

Our clothes are manufactured with minimal environmental impact. However, an estimated 15-30% of the total ecological footprint of any garment comes from use, wearing, and washing. Therefore, we want to help everyone take better care of their clothes with sustainable practices. From washing and drying to storing and stain removing, we aim to provide you with the latest best practices and tips that help you ensure your clothes last longer using in a manner that keeps our planet clean.


The future of fashion is circular. We are only getting started with our circular journey by making our clothes from 100% recycled materials and promoting the paradigm shift towards the circular economy. As a next step, we are committed to taking back all used New Standard clothing for recycling after you've done with them. We are also constantly exploring new ways of repurposing our clothes to new ones at the end of their lifecycle and will tell you immediately when we have news about our efforts.

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